Top 10 D-Men 20 And Under(19/20 Drafts)

Before I dive in, I just want to start with a little background information. First and foremost, this ranking is fluid based on where players are now with a hint of where I expect them to end up. Next, I am going to bold this, some players qualify by age, but will be excluded from this list as I will primarily be focusing on the last 2 draft classes. All excluded players will be included in my more comprehensive Under 23 rankings, which I will release mid season, post season, and preseason. Outside of team specific content, my primary focus will be on recently drafted developing players, NHL draft eligible prospects, and top performing players around the NHL. All rankings of players I create will be based on the characteristics and skills I view as most important to the composition of elite NHL players. All my rankings and predictions will be derived from my personal viewings of these players and my focus on their every shift in my viewings. The criteria I will use to rank players will be the same as my Top 10 Forward rankings, but I will adjust the categories slightly in order to tailor them more towards the Defenseman position. For example, A-IQ and R-IQ will be replaced. For defenseman, I feel it is more important to distinguish their IQ by Offensive IQ or O-IQ and their Defensive IQ or D-IQ. I will also eliminate the Takeover category and instead rate each IQ subtype individually. The amount of weight I give to each trait will be listed in descending order, from the traits I view as most to least essential. Each trait will be rated on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being serious hindrance to success, 5 being average compared to the typical NHL player, and 10 being exceptional at the N HL level. I will rate each players current skill and provide my estimate for the highest they will reach when operating in their prime form.

Overall: My summarization of the prospects greatest strengths and weakness. What I believe their ceiling is and how likely are to reach it. What I see as the greatest obstacle or area that needs improvement for them to hit their ceiling. Lastly my projection for their minimum contribution or floor and what it looks like.

Hockey IQ 2 subtypes:

Offensive IQ(O-IQ): A defenseman’s O-IQ is largely their ability to contribute in the offensive end. This includes their shot selection. How often do they shoot from bad angles? How often does their shot actually get through traffic to the goalie? Another element is their ability to join and create the rush. Can they carry the puck? Do they recognize when they should join the rush? Do they recognize when to step up to hold the blue? Lastly, how effectively they move the puck. Do they consistently pass to the right areas? Do they ever connect on long stretch passes? The best examples of defensemen with High O-IQ are Erik Karlsson, Brent Burns, PK Subban, and yes the original offensive D-Man Bobby Orr.

Defensive IQ(D-IQ): D-IQ in its simplest definition is how well a defenseman plays defense. Its evaluation is based on more specific elements of playing the position such as defensive positioning. How often are they caught out of position? Do they effectively cover passing lanes? Do they cover they recognize when to cover the back door? Another element is the player’s ability to anticipate puck movement. Obviously players that know where the puck is going next will be able to intercept passes or apply immediate pressure. The next aspect looked at is a players ability to handle the Odd man rush. Do they position themselves correctly to give their goalie the best chance of stopping the puck? Do they ever step up to break up a play before it turns into an odd man rush? Can they break up an odd man rush and then flip the play into a counter attack? Players with High D-IQs can sometimes go more or less unnoticed in a game and that is actually a good thing. Examples of some fantastic high D-IQ players are John Carlson, Victor Hedman, Kimmo Timonen, Scott Stevens, and who I consider the highest D-IQ player ever Nicklas Lidström.

Skills: Blend of Skating, Stickhandling, and Shooting. For defensemen, this portion will also evaluate their ability to win battles, with their stick and physicality.

Character: Based on 2 major traits. Leadership is not just wearing a letter on your jersey, it’s how the player impacts their team and how they respond to adversity in games. Leaders step up in big games because they feel their importance. When a team is down by 1 with less than 3 minutes, leaders put their body on the line and visibly empty their energy tank to win the game. Motor/Work ethic consistency.

Honorable Mentions: Before I list them, I just want to say you could make a significant case that each of these players deserves a spot on this list and I’d be inclined to agree. I ultimately had to go with my gut, but I believe each of these players is more than capable of turning out to be elite:

Eemil Viro, Victor Söderström, Philip Broberg, Justin Barron, Thomas Harley, and Shakir Mukhamadullin.

10. Kaiden Guhle(MTL)

Overall: 4.25 Prime: 8.25

I was super impressed with him as a player and I struggled to rank the first 3 players. In reality, there is a perfectly valid case for him to be higher, but I just personally had to go with my gut. I think Guhle is an incredibly well rounded player and fairly physically mature. I think Guhle, like other players on this list, has a very wide gap between his ceiling and floor as there is still a lot of development that needs to happen to know exactly how good he projects to be. My personal assessment projects him to be top 4 contributing D. I think he will be more of an asset defensively than offensively, but I also think he is capable of producing offense at a high level.

Offensive IQ: 4 Prime: 8

The kid is very effective at making the first best. His vision as a whole is really impressive. He has very good awareness as to when to join the rush. I think his ability to create the rush himself is something that needs development. He is very aware on the ice and overall at this stage of his development is very ahead of the curve in O-IQ. His shot selection is pretty solid. The most important thing that he did well was read and respond to pressure from the opposition. I look forward to seeing how much growth there is to this area of his game when I evaluate him again in the future.

Defensive IQ: 5.25 Prime: 8.75

I think his D-IQ is extremely impressive. He is very good at knowing when to step up. His positioning is typically flawless. His ability to win battles is definitely good, but I do not see it as elite. I think he is overall incredibly responsible in his own end. I think he is very effective at reading the Odd man rush and giving his goalie the best opportunity.

Skills: 4.50 Prime: 8.25

I mean he is just a really solid player all around. He has high end skills in almost every category, I personally do not think they are currently elite, but I also think he has the tools for some of them to become elite. His battle ability is top tier and I think it is his best asset as a defenseman.

Character: 5 Prime: 8.75

I do not believe any player I list will have anything less than a high end motor. So it may get redundant for readers. I think he handles adversity well and really pushes his team toward success.

9. Tobias Björnfot(LA)

Overall: 4.5 Prime: 8.5

He is an extremely talented kid with the ability to to contribute offensively. I think defensively he plays an extremely mature style. Very responsible with and without the puck. He is almost never out of position. I do not see a superstar when I watch this kid, but I do see a super consistent player that makes the team better. He is very trustworthy in his approach. When joins the play he is quick to return to his position. Effective feels like the best way to describe his game. I think he will create some nice offensive possessions in the league. Most importantly in peak form I do not believe he his defense will hang his team out to dry. Mattias Ekholm seems like the best player comp in my opinion. I think his absolute ceiling is 1st pairing, but realistically I see a top 4 with stints in the top 6.

Offensive IQ: 5.25 Prime: 8.45

Kid is great at making the first read. He also excels at joining the rush. If there was an area he could improve in, I personally think it would be in creating the rush himself and start thinking a little more shoot first. Overall he is not exactly the best at any trait of O-IQ, but he is very solid in all of them.

Defensive IQ: 5.5 Prime: 8.65

I was actually incredibly impressed with his D-IQ his awareness when applying pressure is incredible. He consistently takes the players body and removes them from the puck. His positioning is on point as well. I have yet to see him get caught cheating toward an offensive play. His recognition of when to step up is also impressive. Overall his D-IQ looks like that of an extremely consistent NHL D-Man.

Skills: 4.5 Prime: 8.75

I look forward to monitoring this kids growth because if he can add more speed to his game I really think he could be a lethal threat on offense. His battle skills are near the top among every player listed. He needs some physical maturity, but so does every player on this list.

Character: 5 Prime: 8.75

This kid does not give up and he does not take unnecessary penalties. I do not see a captain, but I do see a veteran. He just has a really mentally mature approach to his game.

8. Braden Schneider(NYR)

Overall: 4.75 Prime: 8.75

Man, I almost left him off the list, but after some tape consultation I found that to be impossible. This kid is a difference-maker. His physicality is top tier. His defensive recognition is top tier. The only areas I could see improvement are the overall maturity to his game and a little bit of skill development. It was actually surprisingly difficult to rate him so low when I think he has potential to be one of the best D-Men on this list. My projection for this kid is a top 4 D that chews up minutes and is consistently responsible in his own end and effective in the offensive end. My ceiling for this kid is significantly higher than that, but it really is not worth listing when this player still has so much development ahead of them. I really look forward to seeing how this kid develops.

Offensive IQ: 5.25 Prime:9

He is incredibly responsible with the puck. Very effective at moving it where it needs to go. His vision is good, but not necessarily elite. His ability to recognize when to jump into a play is good. Overall he has very solid O-IQ, it just needs seasoning.

Defensive IQ: 6.25 Prime: 9-10

This is the area that forced me to put him on the list. His recognition of when to step up is elite. His positioning is good; he is almost always where he needs to be. Defensively, he is incredibly difficult to get around. His battle skills along have the premise to be elite. I do not think it is quite there, but he is impressive when the puck goes into the corners.

Skills: 4 Prime: 8.75

This is the area he could use the most development. Prior to the draft, he had a massive growth spurt and you can tell. He just needs seasoning to mature in this area, but once he does I think it will be impossible to rank him this low again. He is good at every skill, but I believe he has potential to be elite with multiple.

Character: 5 Prime: 8.8

He is a hard worker with a no quit motor. It is difficult to evaluate his leadership because I really think he requires maturity to actually evaluate those capabilities.

7. Topi Niemelä(TOR)

Overall: 5.5 Prime: 9

So I’m just going to start with a “wow.” What are they feeding these kids in Finland? Is there some sort of secret magic skill elixir for defensemen? This kid is a really fascinating player. It may seem like recency bias, but Topi has still plays a very similar style in the Liiga. Is he as dominant? No, but he is still very young and under sized. This kid has the skill of a high end offensive defenseman and a brain that can allow him to be offensive without being a liability in the defensive end. It was honestly difficult to not rank him higher on the list. His most obvious area for improvement is in his weight. Although, despite not being overwhelming strong, Niemelä is not afraid to use his body. I am extremely excited to see how this kid looks with another year of development under him. I think this kids ceiling is uniquely high, although the likelihood of him reaching that ceiling still feels low. Realistically, I think he will be a contributing top 4 defender. I could also realistically see stints in the top 2. I can not give him a realistic projection of a number 1 D-man until I see him in a more filled out frame. That said, I would be far from shocked if he became one.

Offensive IQ: 6.5 Prime: 9.25 – 10

If I am being honest Niemelä’s O-IQ is already significantly higher than a lot of NHL D-Men. It is pretty astonishing, this kid might have the best shot selection of the player on this list. He just consistently manages to get the puck through to the net. His anticipation is also very good, but not quite elite. I would say his O-IQ really pops is in two major areas. The first is his ability to join the rush. The next, outside of his skills this is what I liked most, is his puck moving abilities. The kid sees the whole ice. He takes risks, but that is not a bad thing. This kid is easily a powerplay qb kind of puck mover.

Defensive IQ: 4.75 Prime: 8.5

Often with kids that have as high of an O-IQ as Niemelä, their D-IQ is likely not quite at the same level. In this circumstance, that is not true. Niemelä’s D-zone positioning is top tier. This kid is rarely out of place. His ability to step up at the right time is superior to a bunch of other players on this list. He battles physically for pucks and rarely blows coverage. Thus far, I genuinely have not seen many players look as complete in both ends as this young man. If I had to compare his game to an NHLer, my top bet would have to be Ivan Provorov.

Skills: 7 Prime: 9.75

As I said earlier the Fins are doing something different over there in this category. The speed of Heinola, Viro, and Niemelä is fascinating to watch. They complement the speed with very silky fast hands. For an undersized player, Niemelä is also an incredibly good battler. He uses his body and stick effectively win battles and quickly make the next play.

Character: 5 Prime: 9

I think this kid has leadership capabilities, but my main reason for not ranking him higher is he needs a lot of development. Development comes with question marks. He has a great motor and never stops competing. I look forward to monitoring his development.

6. Jake Sanderson(OTT)

Overall: 5 Prime: 9.5 – 10

Sanderson is still very raw compared to a lot of players on this list. His high end skills and solid IQ blend together to form a very admirable player. The trickiest part in my opinion is to take the time to let him realize his potential before you bring him to the NHL. I think Sanderson could hypothetically play in the NHL this season, but I also think to put him in that situation would significantly impair his development. He is capable of high end offense, but he needs a chance to hit his peak and build confidence in that ability before he is called up. For me, Sanderson falls in the category of difficult to predict in regards to his ceilings because he is not close to being a final product. Hypothetically he could be an elite 2 way D-Man. I could also see that not happening at this point. My realistic expectation is reliable top 2 D-Man on Ottawa’s team. Key words being on Ottawa.

Offensive IQ: 5 Prime: 9 – 10

His O-IQ is not a hindrance to success. It is just a tool that can be expanded to make him the best player possible. His O-IQ is already extremely effective. He moves the puck well, he sees the ice well, he joins the rush. He is capable of utilizing every aspect of this tool at an elite level. I genuinely look forward to monitoring how this area of his game evolves over the course of the season. His shot selection is great. He is a force on the blue line and projects to be a very effective powerplay D. His ability to step up is superior to a lot of his peers.

Defensive IQ: 6.75 Prime: 10

The kid has very elite D- IQ. He is a positioning master. He closes the gap on players extremely effectively. He is not afraid to play the body. He can read opposing offenses very effectively. He is one of the more effective odd man rush defenders I have seen on this list. There is room to grow in his battles, but overall this kid has all tools to be great D at the next level.

Skills: 7 Prime: 10

This is an area where he is extremely dominant. I believe Sanderson is one of the best skaters, if not the best skater in this class. His shot has a lot of power and accuracy. He is effective with his body, but I’d really like to see him up this area of his game. Fantastic stick skills and is expert at utilizing those skills when battling.

Character: 6 Prime: 10

Great motor on this kid. Never stops moving his feet. Not discouraged by adversity. I suppose I have not seen him take over on ice the way I want him to. He is capable, but I personally want to see him carry his team a little more. This kid will be a great addition to that Senators Blueline.

5. Ville Heinola(WIN)

Overall: 6 Prime: 9.25

Man, this kid is impressive with the puck in on his tape. His blueline presence is one of the best of all the players listed. His skills as a whole are extremely high end. His D-IQ is admirable and he is rarely ever out of position. His biggest weakness is his physical maturity. If he is able to utilize his body to win more battles for pucks it will be hard imagine him not becoming a number 1 D-Man. His physical presence is the area of his game that needs to develop most. My realistic prediction is a consistent top 4 D with high end offensive ability. I think his ceiling is a number 1 D-Man, but considering he still has so much room to physically mature, it is hard to predict the likelihood of that he will hit his ceiling. As of right now, I lean towards him hitting the ceiling, but only time will tell.

Offensive IQ: 8 Prime:10

Very few, if any, players are as gifted offensively as this kid. His puck movement ability is borderline elite at the NHL. His anticipation to create and join the rush is comparable, if not potentially better than any player on this list. He is a fantastic passer, with the ability to see past the first read, but rarely if ever makes a bad first read pass. His ability to read and respond to forecheck pressure is the area he distinguishes himself from his listed Finnish countryman. His blue line presence, especially on the powerplay is incredible. If there is one area I believe he could improve it would be shot selection. His shot selection is not bad, I just think it could improved. Limiting blocked shots will only increase this kids ability to offensively dominate.

Defensive IQ: 5.75 Prime: 8.75

He is very effective in the defensive end. He is almost hyper aware of the positioning of the opposition. This awareness leads him to consistently being in the perfect position on the ice. He finishes his checks and is not afraid to use his body. If there is an area for improvement it would be in his approach to corner puck battles. Being so offensively skilled, he often uses his stick skills and speed to poke the puck loose and create an offensive counter attack. That is good in many circumstances, but substituting his primary attack with the stick mentality with body to body stick on stick to pin players a little more and he will be significantly more effective in the defensive end at the NHL level.

Skills: 7 Prime: 10

My goodness can he wheel. The speed the edges the kid looks like a finely tuned machine. His hands complement the speed. Silky but incredibly fast. The only skill this young man needs to develop is the amount of muscle on his frame.

Character: 5 Prime:9.5

He is a competitor with a high end motor. I think he is definitely capable of being a leader on the ice. He responds to adversity well and typically keeps a level head. I don’t know much about his off ice personality, but I imagine it reflects his style of play. This kid is capable of leading a team at the highest level.

4. Cam York(PHI)

Overall: 5 Prime: 9.2510

This kid just has a veteran presence as young player. He has high end offensive ability and high end defensive ability. I am not sure if he will ever be one of the best D-Men in the NHL, but I am certain he will be a minute munching work horse. He reminds me a lot of Nashville’s Ryan Ellis. He is calm with the puck, consistently reads play at a high level. I do not want to knock Shayne Gostisbehere, but in a lot of ways York looks like the player that is everything Gost was supposed to be. I project him to be a top 2 D-Man in Philly with Provorov be the unshakeable 1st D-Man. Unfortunately, I can’t project him to be a superstar because personally I don’t see the electricity of one in his game. I do think he will be one of the most reliable D-Men in the NHL though. Reliability is a quality I obviously rank high, but having such high floor, adds a degree of certainty to a players contribution. There is obviously potential his ceiling is higher than I give him credit for which would be wonderful for the Flyers, but overall the low number of question marks is why I ranked York so high. He will be good in the NHL and he has potential to great. His ceiling to me looks a lot like the Flyers legend Kimmo Timonen, his floor Ryan Ellis.

Offensive IQ: 5 Prime: 9.5

York has an incredible blend of O-IQ in that he is extremely solid in every evaluable trait. He has good shot selection. He has good puck movement abilities. He has a great recognition and response to pressure. “So if he is good at everything why isn’t he higher?”. Well, the short answer is, being solid in every category means you are not the best in any category. There is not one single area this kid makes you go, “wow I have never seen a player that can do….. the way he can.” That is not a negative and does not work against him. You do not have to be the best at a specific area to be an elite D-Man, well besides defend at an elite level.

Defensive IQ: 5.75 Prime:9.5

York’s D-IQ is one of the highest of any player listed. His D-IQ, in tandem with the solid O-IQ, are what make him unique. His positioning is awesome. He consistently plays the body. Despite being smaller, he is not afraid to battle in the corners and finish the job. His recognition of when to step up is first class. And his most impressive D-IQ aspect is how he prevents, defends, and can even sometimes break up and counter the Odd man rush.

Skills: 6 Prime:9.5

He is super solid in every category. He skates extremely well with great speed. His shot is effective. He consistently wins battles. He is not the highest skilled D-Man, but he is one of the most consistent.

Character: 8.5 Prime:10

This is probably the area York excels most. He is a leader on the ice that consistently pushes his team. It is bold to guarantee anything with unproven players, but I guarantee this kid has a letter on his jersey at the next level. The motor never stops. The game is never over. I believe this is the area he distinguishes himself from other players listed.

3. Jamie Drysdale(ANA)

Overall: 6.5 Prime: 9.75

Before I get into the player, I just have to say I bounced him between 2 and 3 a significant number of times. So for the purpose of keeping the numbers going, he is 3rd, but in reality think of him as 2B. Now, as a player, I see an incredibly gifted D-Man. Both offensively and defensively, there are so few holes to this kid’s game I struggled putting him at 3. The only problem is the player at 2A, plays an eerily similar style of hockey and is currently more physically developed. In my personal projection I believe Drysdale is a capable number 1. His recent world junior performance solidified my confidence in his game as player. It showed just how complete of a D-Man this kid is. I think his floor is a number 2 defenseman. That is certainly a bold statement, but as I said there is almost no holes to his style of play. He has high end offensive ability and is extremely high end defensively as well.

Offensive IQ: 7.25 Prime: 10

Second to none in this category. He moves the puck incredibly and creatively. His shot selection is incredible and intelligently places the puck on net. He often looks past the first read. There is a strong chance that he has the best vision of any player on the list. He is calm under pressure and reads play as well, if not the best, of any player listed. He is capable of being a game changer in the offensive end without sacrificing his defensive reliability.

Defensive IQ: 6 Prime: 9.25

This is the area he really put on display in the most recent world junior tournament. Seeing this from Drysdale made him the highest riser outside of Niemelä on my list. He is so well rounded, it eliminates question marks and raises his floor. His positioning in the defensive zone is elite. His awareness in loose puck scenarios is incredible. His awareness as to when to step up is incredible. The advancement of his D-IQ is the primary reason I ranked this kid so high.

Skills: 7 Prime: 10

He has elite physical skills. His skating is by far the most impressive. If he has any area to develop, I would say it is his size. Being on the smaller end of height for the NHL, he is really going to need to add some muscle mass to effectively battle in the NHL.

Character: 6 Prime: 10

I think this kid is second to only York in this category. He works hard, he wants to win. He does everything in his power to push the team to a higher level.

2. Bowen Byram(COL)

Overall: 7 Prime: 10

I personally feel like Drysdale and Byram are so eerily similar in their approach to the game, it is almost tedious to list all the same things again. He is a very complete player. The biggest difference between him and Drysdale is their current physical maturity in that Byram is a year ahead of Drysdale in development. Moving forward. I am only going to list the qualities that are unique to Byram as player. For all other information I am just going to plug in “See Drysdale”. The most significant difference between Byram and Drysdale is the team they were drafted to. In many ways being on a good team is beneficial to players. In this particular circumstance I believe Byram sharing a team Cale Makar is a road block to his ceiling. As how can you be the number 1 D-Man if potentially the number 1 D-Man in the NHL is occupying that spot? Realistically I anticipate Byram being an incredibly high end number 2 D-Man, I do not think he will surpass Cale Makar, but I do believe he will be elite.

Offensive IQ: 7.5 Prime:10

I think he has the best offensive presence currently. I also believe he is the most effective puck mover listed.

See Drysdale.

Defensive IQ: 7.75 Prime: 10

He plays elite defense through and through. Super well rounded in every category.

See Drysdale.

Skills: 7.25 Prime: 10

He probably has the best stickhandling of any D listed.

See Drysdale.

Character: 6 Prime: 10

He has an elite motor and is a natural leader. It really brings the question of can he actually get a letter on his jersey when the Avs do not have room to hand anymore out? He is deserving of a letter on his jersey one day, I am not certain it is attainable in his current organization though.

  1. Moritz Seider(DET)

Overall: 8.25 Prime: 10

This is the section that might seem bold to anyone that has not watched this kid play this season. If you question his rank I hate to inform you of this, but holy s**t is this kid scary good. He is confident with the puck on his tape, his defensive capabilities are second to none, and he has consistently developed his offense presence every single season since he was drafted. His stick skills and skating are insane for a player standing over 6’5″. What makes him number 1? Dominance. Short and sweet, eh? Seider is a machine. No player listed is even close to this kids level dominance as a puck battler. His side of the ice the ice is just that. HIS side. He owns it, patrols it, and controls it. Beware to the opposition that enter his space because this kid will toss you. In the 3rd best professional league in the world this kid dominates. He does not dominate children at the world juniors, that would be child abuse. He dominates grown men. Seasoned professionals. He plays with a level of maturity that turns heads. My realistic expectation for this player is a number 1 D-Man, my lofty ceiling is a perennial Norris contender. If we close on anything, it’s how monumental it is for a developing hockey country like Germany to produce a freak of hockey nature like this. This kid is special.

Offensive IQ: 6.25 Prime: 9.75

While he is not as gifted offensively as some of his fellow D-Men listed, he is also no slouch in the O-IQ department. No one will ever mistake this kid for Erik Karlsson. And I don’t mean because he is 6’5″(I got jokes). That just is not his game. He is capable of being a very dangerous offensive threat, but the backbone of his game is in his role as D-Man. He is a high end puck mover with the ability to create and join the rush. He has that skill set, he just is not as elite at that element as Byram/Drysdale. Very similar to how Victor Hedman is an elite D-Man with the ability to be an offensive force, but no he never had exactly the same O-IQ level as prime Erik Karlsson.

Defensive IQ: 8.5 Prime:10

This the area where he is king and quite frankly untouchable. He has all of it. Every single aspect of D-IQ, Seider does as an elite level. Ideally when you think Defenseman, this is the kind of player you want eating the majority of your minutes.

Skills: 6.75 Prime:10

Freak of nature. I said earlier and it remains true. It is almost unnatural to be this kids size and move as effectively as he does. There is no player than can routinely beat him in battles. The one area of his game that could stand to improve? His shot. It is not bad. The mechanics are good and he is extremely accurate, but for a player like this, a loaded cannon in his hands will make him terrifying for years to come. He will develop it, it’s just gonna take a smidge of time.

Character: 7 Prime:10

Seider is one of the few players listed that will not be *a* letter on his chest player. This kids motor and maturity are rare. He is a *The* letter on his chest kind of player. He is a leader on the ice and I am extremely excited to watch him in the NHL next season.

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  • PhotoCred – by Andre Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images
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