Bell Media Cuts Broadcast Legends

Many people have been laid off by Bell Media this week. Among them are 3 well known Canadian broadcast veterans. Dan O’Toole, Natasha Staniszewski, and my personal favorite Brent Wallace were all no longer part of TSN after some non performance related contract terminations. Dan O’Toole was the long time cohost of “SC With Jay and Dan” from 2003 – 2013. After a brief stint working in the U.S. for Fox Sports 1, he returned to TSN to cohost the Same TSN show. Long time SportsCentre anchor Natasha Staniszewski was also cut from the network in this wave. Brent Wallace a fantastic broadcaster for TSN was released prior to the other 2. Brent’s coverage of the Ottawa Senators will be missed greatly. The videos of Sens practice he posted to Twitter, were a remarkable inside look no outlet had really been able to give. In posting the videos he coined them as WallyVision. WallyVision will be missed by any and all Senators fans looking for insights into their team’s practice.

In a great career for all 3 of these broadcasters, it is heartbreaking to see such great professionals cut. It would be an honor to work with any of these characters and I personally hope this pushes them to bigger and better points in their career. From all of us at Chirping From The Pine, we look forward to seeing you all do great work again. Thank you for your service to the fans. If you ever wanted a fun side project, The Pine Chirpers would always welcome you.

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