Preliminary 2021 Draft Rankings

Given that this site is relatively new and I have a pretty late start to this draft class, I am just going to list my preliminary top 50 players based off my limited live viewings of each player. I am going to wait to provide more in-depth analysis on each player until I can build up a larger vault of reviewable film. I ultimately felt it was most important just to list the guys I have really liked so far, and provide a full review/rating of each player and their final ranking closer to the time of the draft. This version is really just to give people some names and for me to go a little outside the box in some areas. I need to list a couple disclaimers which I will bold before I start listing.

First: This list is extremely preliminary. It is pretty much my gut reaction ranking. Essentially it is my initial impression from watching, but not yet fully analyzing the elements of each player’s game.

Second: This ranking is fluid. I fully expect there to be changes among all 50 players in this list when I analyze them fully and rate their individual skill sets. So if a reader thinks I am too high or low on a specific player there is an extremely strong chance they will be ranked differently in my final rankings anyway.

My final rankings will rate draft prospects similar to the way I rated the players in my past 2 rankings articles. If you would like to see how I will evaluate these players in my final rankings The Top 10 Forwards from the 2019 and 2020 Drafts is(HERE) and The Top 10 D-Men from the 2019 and 2020 drafts is(HERE). I will continue to use different criteria to rate defensemen and forwards even for draft prospects, because being different positions, high performance requires more weight to different skills. Just because Patrick Kane is an awesome forward, does not guarantee he would be an awesome defenseman. And vice versa for a D-Man like Victor Hedman. Some skills overlap, but some skills are unique to success in that position.

50. Brett Harrison(C)

49. Conner Roulette(FW)

48. Sean Behrens(D)

47. Ryder Korczak(C)

46. Sebastian Cossa(G)

45. Noah Meier(D)

44. Jack O’Brien(D)

43. Aidan Hrenschuk(D)

42. Samuel Helenius(C)

41. Justin Robidas(C)

40. Florian Elias(FW)

39. Francesco Pinelli(C)

38. Alexander Kisakov(FW)

37. Anton Olsson(D)

36. Zachary Bolduc(C)

35. Brennan Othmann(D)

34. Kirill Kirsanov(D)

33. Mason McTavish(C)

32. Daniil Chayka(D)

31. Samu Tuomaala (FW)

30. Zach Dean(C)

29. Nikita Chibrikov(RW)

28. Isak Rosén (W)

27. Fyodor Svechkov(FW)

26. Simon Robertsson(RW)

25. Zachary L’Heureux(C)

24. William Strömgren(D)

23. Prokhor Poltapov(RW)

22. Logan Stankoven(FW)

21. Stanislav Svozil(D)

20. Xavier Bourgault(C)

19. Cole Sillinger(C)

18. Matthew(Mackie) Samoskevich (C)

17. Oskar Olausson(W)

16. Matthew Coronato(LW)

15. Simon Edvinsson(D)

14. Sasha Pastujov(LW)

13. Chaz Lucius(C)

12. Fabian Lysell(RW)

11. Carson Lambos(D)

10. Aatu Räty(C)

9. Jesper Wallstedt(G)

8. Corson Ceulemans(D)

7. Dylan Guenther(LW)

6. Kent Johnson(C)

5. William Eklund(FW)

4. Brandt Clarke(D)

3. Luke Hughes(D)

2. Matthew Beniers(FW)

  1. Owen Power(D)

  • CFTP – B. Driscoll
  • PhotoCred: Creator: Rich Lam | Credit: Getty ImagesCopyright: 2019 Getty Images
  • Twitter: @ChirpingPinePod

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