Ivan Provorov The New Ironman

Ivan Provorov has now taken over the streak for the Flyers with 329 game Ironman streak. Provorov looks to make it 330 games now with the game against the Boston Bruins at 2:00pm tomorrow.

Since entering the league Ivan Provorov hasn’t missed a single game and he has been playing for five years now. If I am being honest, I can’t see him missing a game anytime soon. I can see him breaking the Flyers longest Ironman streak which is only 484 games. Provorov can look to break the streak in the two to three seasons.

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The original holder of the streak was Claude Giroux who had 328 games before missing Thursday night’s game against the New York Rangers. Since Giroux is on the Flyers COVID protocol list he is no longer holding the Ironman streak for them. I can’t believe it took a global pandemic for the streak to come to an end.

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Featured Photo – https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/flyers-agree-six-year-contract-rfa-ivan-provorov/

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